Jun 252012

A new shoot’em’up release directly from the ReSeT #8: Super Edge Grinder. It is a remastered version of the already released game Edge Grinder by Axelay and features new graphics by Rex / Beng and updated music by Tom&Jerry / GPA. You can download it from Pouet.net (don’t forget to vote) and at the end of this news.


Super Edge Grinder
Super Edge Grinder
Super Edge Grinder (Format War).zip
57.9 KiB
Jun 282010

Tom et Jerry has just released the long awaited Color Lines game. It is a small puzzle game where the computer opponent puts randomly diamonds on a game board. You can then move those diamonds to vertical, horizontal or diagonal colorlines with 5 diamonds.

Here is the official announcement:

“Miracle in the cpc world! Color lines, one of the most famous “snailware” of the french cpc galaxy, is now finished. The game has been spreaded in boxed release during the famous Coutances’ meeting in Normandy. You can download it now freely !!”

You can download the game from Tom et Jerry’s website or at the end of this posting.


Color Lines
Color Lines
276.4 KiB
Jul 132009

Color Lines is a new puzzle game for the Amstrad CPC by Tom & Jerry. Your objective is to find lines with the same color by moving around the pieces of the board. The game also contains a tool kit which allows you to customize the game.

You can download it directly from its CPCWiki page.

Dec 192008

Tom & Jerry / GPA released an adaption of the text adventure “Le Crime du Parking” from the Apple II. As it is a french game I can’t tell you more about it. You can download it from Tom & Jerrys homepage .

Le Crime Du Parking
Le Crime Du Parking
153.6 KiB

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