Feb 272010

Axelay, well-known for his great game Star Sabre (128k), has released a new action game “Dead on Time” for the CPC. You have to defeat enemy waves to earn time. If your time runs out, the game is over. Simple, isn’t it :)? The game itself features nice graphics and music, so be sure to download and play it.

You can download it directly from Axelays website or at the end of this news article. The game will be available on physical media (cassette) from Psytronik in the future.


Dead on Time
Dead on Time
35.9 KiB

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  2. […] C64, well, and Paul Kooistra, who already brought such great games like Sub Hunter, Star Sabre and Dead on time to the CPC, did it and converted Edge Grinder to the CPC. You can read more about the story of the […]

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