Jun 262012

Ok, and here are the final results of the french demoscene meeting ReSeT #8. The graphics and music pack is available on Push’n’Pop (just press the download button besides an image or a tune) and you can also have a look at the images in your browser.


  1. FED by rexbeng
  2. EightBall by CeD
  3. Mad Leprechaun by Grim
  4. The drive belt exorcism ritual by Mac Death
  5. Three Ponies by Exin
  6. Alice3 by Pulkomandy
  7. ReSeT #8 graphics by Egotrip
  8. ReSeT party 2012 by CoaXCable


  1. Comic Bakery by Pulkomandy
  2. Little Boat by Zik
  3. ReSeT your party by V0yager
  4. ReSeT #8 music by Egotrip


  1. Glory Holes by Benediction
  2. Clouds with Virgins in the Skies by Dirty Minds
  3. Ultimate Nightmare by Egotrip

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