Feb 012015

Did you know that Odiesofts Megablasters has its 20th anniversary this year? No? Well, at least this is a good reason to celebrate it and why not celebrating its anniversary with a sequel. Project Argon, consisting of Axelay (coding), Rexbeng (graphics), McKlain and Tom&Jerry (sound & music) did it and just released their great sequel to Megablasters. Don’t hesitate and download it from below or from the CPCWiki forums.

MB20_title MB20_ingame

Megablasters: Escape from Castle in the Clouds
104.2 KiB
Jun 252012

A new shoot’em’up release directly from the ReSeT #8: Super Edge Grinder. It is a remastered version of the already released game Edge Grinder by Axelay and features new graphics by Rex / Beng and updated music by Tom&Jerry / GPA. You can download it from Pouet.net (don’t forget to vote) and at the end of this news.


Super Edge Grinder
Super Edge Grinder
Super Edge Grinder (Format War).zip
57.9 KiB
Jun 142012

To advertise the ReSeT #8 demoparty in Coutances / France, a small music disc was released, which ranked 2nd on last years ReSeT. It was coded by Eliot / Benediction and features 13 tracks by Factor6 / Hooy Program and graphics by Rex / Beng. You can download it from Push’n’Pop or at the end of this news.


Outer World music disc
Outer World music disc
Outer World Music (Benediction_Hooy Program).zip
45.2 KiB

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