May 162014

Kangaroo and Nilquader released a new hardware for the Amstrad CPC, which is available for ordering now: the MegaFlash NG ROM box. It is based on the MegaFlash ROM box by Bryce and additionally features a reset button and a “pause” switch. But the best above all – it is available as a construction kit, which means, it will bring the “maker spirit” to you :). Order your kit, heat your soldering iron, have fun with building this new hardware for the Amstrad CPC and after all of that – enjoy your new hardware, e.g. with the games of the 16k ROM competition on the real machine :D. You can order the MegaFlash NG from the Spielquader shop for 24,95 EUR (look out for the “Ready” T-Shirts as well :-)).

MegaFlash NG Bausatz für Schneider / Amstrad CPC Computer


Jul 022013

The 16k ROM game development competition is over and we have 4 new ROM games for the Amstrad CPC. Great work!!! Now it is time, to download the games, play it on your CPC and vote for them in the CPCWiki forums. Unfortunately not all competition entries were finished in time, but anyway a big “Thank you” to all participants. Let’s hope that some of the other entries will be finished some day, too.

And this are the competition entries:

Cyber Huhn:


Author: TFM, MacDeath, Tom & Jerry
Game Genre: Arcade

Cyber Huhn
Cyber Huhn
70.8 KiB




Author: Axelay, rexbeng, Tom & Jerry
Game Genre: Arcade

16.7 KiB
Relentless (disc & tape images)
Relentless (disc & tape images)
34.8 KiB




Author: Tom & Jerry, Supersly, Eldrik
Game Genre: Painful mind game

31.1 KiB


Subtera Puzlo:


Author: EgoTrip, redbox
Game Genre: Arcade / Puzzle

Subtera Puzlo
Subtera Puzlo
13.3 KiB
Jan 032013

After seeing some successful competitions on other platforms, SyX thought that it is a good idea to start a ROM game development competiton. The reason for the 16k limit is to open the compo for more participants, because small games are more probable to get finished than big games. Another reason for the ROM game competition is, that we have a lot of ROM boards around these days (e.g. the Megaflash or the Symbiface II) and we are also able to produce new cartridges for the Amstrad Plus since the ACID chip was reverse engineered, but we are missing more ROM games. You can read more about the competition (e.g. the rules, the prizes, some example code, etc.) in the CPC Wiki forums.

So if you have a great idea for a game, it is a good time to start working on it now Smiley.

Sep 292011

TFM just released, as promised, a single version of his ROMManager for the Megaflash ROM interface and the Symbiface II . He also added the Inicron ROMBooster to the ROM, so you can now directly use up to 32 ROMs without installing the ROMBooster in ROM no. 15. You can download it from TFMs homepage (in the download section). You can discuss the latest version or report errors in the CPCWiki forums.

Sep 182011

Norecess released a new version of his shell-like user interface and improved it even more. You can download it, as always, from Norecess’ homepage.


  • Added support for Bryce’s MegaFlash
  • Renamed RO and RW commands to READONLY and READWRITE
  • Removed CRTC command
  • Reset screen to QuickCMD’s default if external RSX changed video mode
  • DELROM now clears a rom with &FF value (was using &00)
  • Fixed: was overwriting first byte after HIMEM
  • Fixed: not assuming anymore than Amsdos area is always at &A700

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