Aug 052011

Finally the newest hardware release for the CPC is there: The MegaFlash. It is a ROM box, created by Bryce, which contains 512KB flash memory, which means that you can program it directly with your CPC. It is similar to the [[Inicron ROM-RAM-Box|ROM-RAM-Box]] by the Inicrons, the [[Ramcard 128|RAM-Card]] by RAM7 or the [[SYMBiFACE II]] by Dr.Zed (only the ROM part). You can now store ROM software like the Starkos tracker, Maxam, Protext, etc. in it.
If you want to order such a device, be quick (only a few devices are left) and send Bryce a personal message in the CPC Wiki forum.

[UPDATE:] Sorry, I totally forgot to write about the software you need to program the MegaFlash ROM box. The box can be programmed with the [[MegaFlashROManager]] by TFM which is available for Basic and FutureOS. Thanks for your comment, TFM!


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  1. To add the software side to the hardware side…

    The MegaFlash can be programmed using the MegaFlash ROManager software. It’s available for Basic and FutureOS. The latter version is a bit advanced. The MegaFlash is perfectly suited to run FutureOS, BCPL, XD-DOS or R-DOS. It’s compatible to all ROM software tested up to now.

    The advantage of the MegaFlash compared to solutions like the above mentioned (RRB, SF2, RAMcard) is that the used Flash needs NO battery at all. The stored ROMs / data will be stable for a very long time.

  2. […] tfm, utility TFM released the first official version of the ROManager application for the MegaFlash from Bryce. After a long phase of testing by SyX the ROMananger in version 1.35 is now capable to perform the […]

  3. […] just five days of development Brueggi of PNG released a brand new ROM manager for Bryce’ MegaFlash ROM box. It features an easy to use user interface and runs under AMSDOS. One of the biggest features is […]

  4. […] the Amstrad CPC, which is available for ordering now: the MegaFlash NG ROM box. It is based on the MegaFlash ROM box by Bryce and additionally features a reset button and a “pause” switch. But the best above all […]

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