May 162014

Kangaroo and Nilquader released a new hardware for the Amstrad CPC, which is available for ordering now: the MegaFlash NG ROM box. It is based on the MegaFlash ROM box by Bryce and additionally features a reset button and a “pause” switch. But the best above all – it is available as a construction kit, which means, it will bring the “maker spirit” to you :). Order your kit, heat your soldering iron, have fun with building this new hardware for the Amstrad CPC and after all of that – enjoy your new hardware, e.g. with the games of the 16k ROM competition on the real machine :D. You can order the MegaFlash NG from the Spielquader shop for 24,95 EUR (look out for the “Ready” T-Shirts as well :-)).

MegaFlash NG Bausatz für Schneider / Amstrad CPC Computer


  One Response to “MegaFlash NG construction kit available”

  1. Hi there. SPRING! released a new version of ROMAN – The CPC ROM-Manager. The new version is now working with the brand-new MegaFlash NG and should also work with Pulkomandys Rom-Box (as its the same base of Bryce’s MegaFlash and same SST-FlashChip).

    What is new?
    – You can easily generate ROMs out of your Files with the RSX-Generator
    – You can use up to 32 ROMs (Rom-Booster by Inicron included)
    – Improved usability
    – Deactivate ROM-Init-Message

    Same file runs from Disc and as ROM, so you just need ROMAN.ROM and for starting it from Disc also DISC.BAS.

    You can download it as DSK or HFE:

    Get your MegaFlash NG at

    Have a nice day and enjoy ROMAN 2.0 – The better ROM-Manager for the Amstrad CPC.

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