Jun 252010

Elit started a small CPC hardware webshop which will offer often used parts for the CPC and other 8bit related computers. Currently you can get switches, drive belts and connectors (centronics and edge). However, it is possible that in the future you can order CPC related hardware kits.
Because some of the parts are very rare, you only should order them if you really need them and please don’t resell the parts you ordered on this site.

  4 Responses to “Eliot’s hardware webshop”

  1. Hi
    How can I obtain a drive belt for a CPC6128 in the UK?
    I bought a 6128 on Ebay that had a non-functioning disc-drive that had been described as fully-working so I`m a little stuck at present.
    Thks Rog

  2. Hi Rog,
    you can find drive belts in Eliots CPC parts store: http://amstradcpc.info/parts/about.php . You can also get some other parts and hardware devices there.

    CU Tim

  3. Hi,where can I purchase a 50 pin edge connector for my megaflash ng I’m in the Uk, cheers

  4. Hi Tony,
    you can get a 50pin edge connector from the Spielquader Shop: http://www.spielquader.de/Spare-parts-for-the-Amstrad-CPC.

    CU Octo
    If you need the complete cable, you can get them here: http://www.spielquader.de/Cables

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