Feb 152012

Bryce just released a new library for the electronics layout program EAGLE, which contains parts which were often used in 8bit computers. It includes parts such as:

Sound / Speech:

  • SPO256
  • MEA8000
  • AY-3-8910
  • AY-3-8912 (24 + 28pin)
  • SID

CPC Specific:

  • CRTC6845
  • ACID
  • 50way edge Socket
  • Cartridge PCB edge

Floppy Controllers / Data Seperators:

  • UPD765
  • FDC9216
  • FDC9266
  • SED9420


  • Memory: MMN4164

All parts include schematic symbols and footprints including stoplack, silkscreen, names, values, etc. The pins have also been correctly defined to allow proper ERC and DRC confirmation checks. The library is compatible with EAGLE 5.x and 6.x. To install it, just copy it into the library folder. You can download it from the CPC Wiki forums or at the end of this news.

UPDATE: Bryce just added new components to the library:

  • New Cartridge Edge connector (the old one didn’t comply with certain PCB manufacturers strict rules).
  • Added the 29F040 with socket foot-print (as used on the MegaFlash).

I updated the download on this page and you can – of course – get it from the CPCWiki forums, too.

8-Bit Eagle Component Libraries v0.1
8-Bit Eagle Component Libraries v0.1
Version: 0.1
19.9 KiB

  4 Responses to “EAGLE library for 8bit hardware”

  1. The .LBR in your ZIP fime file is corrupted !
    (the error message is “invalid data in file 8bits_Parts.lbr’)
    It don’t work with the freeware version of Eagle 5.6.0 and Eagle 5.10.0.

  2. Hi Elfantau,
    I checked it with EAGLE 6.1.0 Light and it works fine (downloaded the ZIP from this page). Unfortunately I don’t have an older installation of EAGLE around, so I can’t help you with the library. To solve this problem, please contact the author (Bryce) through the CPC Wiki forums (link above),

  3. Hi Octoate,

    Many thanks for your answer.

    If the LBR structure is not the same in the new version of Eagle, I think I’m not the only person with this kind of problem.

    Without any other solution, I take the last version od Eagle and I try to convert this LBR in a an universal version.

    Best regards,


  4. […] você desenha hardware para o Amstrad CPC, vai gostar de saber que agora existe uma biblioteca para o EAGLE (programa de layout de circuitos eletrônicos da Cadsoft) que ajuda a desenhar seus projetos para o […]

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