Feb 262012

Norecess released an update to his nice utility which makes it possible to use the Pasmo assembler instead of the in SDCC included ASZ80 assembler. This allows you to use a more familiar (Maxam style) assembly syntax. You can download it from Norecess’ homepage. You can also find my SDCC example project for the Code:Blocks IDE and a small coding tutorial on his page, too.


  • Bugfix for IX / IY register handling.

  2 Responses to “SDCC2Pasmo v1.7”

  1. Gibt es noch irgendwo einen funktionierenden Download-Link?

  2. Hi,
    ich habe leider auch nur noch Version 1.5 in meinem CodeBlocks Template drin (unter “tools”). Eine neuere Version habe ich nicht mehr.

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