Jun 222010

SAMdisk is a tool to convert floppy disks into various disk images which can be used in emulators. It works with almost all PC floppy controllers and supports also some copy-protected formats. It requires that you have fdrawcmd.sys, a low-level floppy disk driver, installed on your system.

You can download the latest version from the SAMdisk website.


  • Largely re-written again, for non-uniform track support
  • Added +3 protections: Speedlock weak sectors, OperaSoft 32, various motor bug fixes
  • Added CPC protections: Speedlock/EA weak sectors, Infogrames/Loriciel gaps, KBI-10, KBI-19
  • Added support for many disk image containers, including EDSK, TD0, DMK, IPF
  • Added support for zip, gzip and bzip2 archives using zlib1.dll and bzip2.dll
  • Added directory support for MGT, TR-DOS, Opus, Didaktik and Amstrad CP/M
  • HDD support for drives up to 2TB, with improved lock/dismount and safety checks
  • Changed to Unix-style getopt for command-line options
  • Removed embedded fdrawcmd.sys driver

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