Aug 202012

SAMdisk is a tool to convert floppy disks into various disk images which can be used in emulators. It works with almost all PC floppy controllers and supports also some copy-protected formats. It requires that you have fdrawcmd.sys, a low-level floppy disk driver, installed on your system.

You can download the latest version from the SAMdisk website.


  • Added create command for blank HDD and floppy images
  • Added basic IDEDOS partition listing
  • Added checking of good sectors to track repairing
  • Added support for Velesoft DSK/DS2 transfer images
  • Added –chrn to trust ID header over physical location
  • Added –no-1m to skip 1Mbps data rate scanning
  • Restored –byte-swap for Atom/AtomLite conversion
  • Improved ATA identify data handling
  • Improved scan output to report warnings above affected track
  • Fixed recognition of DSC/HDR, CFI, LIF disk images
  • Fixed floppy image conversion to .raw dump
  • Fixed repaired sectors retaining original track offset
  • Fixed detection of oversized tracks with just 1 sector
  • Fixed HDD firmware string missing final character
  • Fixed log file including empty status messages
  • Fixed AL+ boot sector being mistaken for MBR
  • Reverted to Visual Studio 2005 for old CPU compatibility

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