Jul 062013

SAMdisk is a tool to convert floppy disks into various disk images which can be used in emulators. It works with almost all PC floppy controllers and supports also some copy-protected formats. It requires that you have fdrawcmd.sys, a low-level floppy disk driver, installed on your system.

You can download the latest version from the SAMdisk website.


  • Added support for KryoFlux and DiscFerret stream images (MFM+FM)
  • Added preliminary support for D4M (FD-4000) disk images
  • Added hex output with –hex or -x, with limited hex using –hex-ish
  • Added –no-gap4b to ignore gap data after the final sector
  • Added –abs-offsets to show absolute rather than relative sector offsets
  • Fixed ‘extra byte’ EDSK extension being used unnecessarily on CRC errors
  • Fixed crash during CPC weak sector sniffing due to no-data 4th sector
  • Fixed regular image reading reporting transient disk errors
  • Improved support for ED images, including 2.88M raw images
  • Improved gap reading support for IPF images
  • Changed raw track parsing to ignore headers with ID CRC errors
  • Changed raw image writing to use only first cyl to determine format
  • Relaxed D2M sniffing by removing system partition type (0xff) check
  • Reduced gap sync requirement to remove more unwanted gaps

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