Jul 302011

After nearly 3 years Richard Wilson released a new version of his great CPC Plus emulator WinApe. The main features for this version are major improvements of the sound emulation, full-sized AVI writing and debugger enhancements. You can download it from the WinApe homepage and at the end of this post.

This is the complete changelist for the new version:


  • Changes logical volumes (and scales) used for AY output.
  • Simplified and improved AY emulation, fixed period change adjustments.
  • Fixed possible bright pixels in the top left when in PAL emulation.
  • Writing to PSG registers above 15 now ignored as per real standard AY.
  • Changed the way the Symbiface RTC switches between BCD and Binary modes.
  • Switched back to full 8 bit interrupt vector (bit 0 is NOT reset as per most documentation around).
  • Fixed Z80 overflow flag for INC (HL), DEC (HL) and IX/IY equivalents.


  • Added the ability to select a block of memory (right-click, Select Block…) in the memory editor.
  • Added the ability to fill the selection with a sequence of values (right-click, Fill…) in the memory editor.
  • Added the ability to compare two regions of memory or to compare a region of memory with a file (right-click, Compare To…) in the memory editor.
  • Defaulted memory mapping (Any) to RAM bank #C0 to stop change when switching.


  • Fixed a bug with symbol usage and relocation tables inside if, else etc.
  • Added Select All menu item and keyboard functionality.

AVI Writing

  • Improved the timing of video and sound synchronisation.
  • Added the ability to record full sized (768 x 540) videos.


  • Added cylinder and drive LEDs for drive B:
  • Fixed saving of allow Temporary Writes, and Prompt to Save changes settings.
  • Allow zero length sectors in DSK images.
  • Fix writing of DSK images when the only change is to delete a copy of a sector or re-size one.
  • Changes to detect when the window has focus (workaround for Delphi and Windows bugs). This stops typing from appearing in WinAPE when another application has focus.
  • Changed timing to display actual speed (CPU cycles per second as a percentage of 1 million) rather than a percentage based on the number of frames per second. Previously, CRTC changes would affect speed display.
  • Changed tape WAV writing to use values of 00 and FF rather than 00 and 1F.
  • Fixed WAV output for 16 bit samples. Should now play in WMP.
  • Fixed the position of the Speed indicator label.
  • Added a warning when playing back old SNR files.
  • Allowed CD ROM and removeable drives to be used as Symbiface IDE drives (Currently there is no support for CD-ROM formats on the CPC, but maybe one day).
  • Increased tape output WAV sample rate to 22050Hz rather than 11025Hz since it was inadequate for high bit rate tapes.
WinApe v2.0a18
WinApe v2.0a18
1.5 MiB

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