Jul 232011

Wow, what a fast update: right after the release of QuickCMD v2.0, Norecess released a new version of his shell-like user interface and improved it even more. You can download it, as always, from Norecess’ homepage.


  • Correctly handles missing disc in drive for all commands
  • PUTROM command now checks for BINARY file-type and displays information about the file to be put on RAMCARD
  • DELROM command added to clear a ROM location
  • DIR (and derivatives) now correctly reports file sizes for double-sided formats (Parados 80, etc)
  • RSX command now accepts integer values (decimal and hexadecimal)
  • RSX command now accepts quote " " for string-typed values (this allows to get space characters in strings by example)
  • Internal code refactoring for smaller memory footprint

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