Aug 282015

TFM just released a new version of FutureOS and some other tools and applications. There is a huge changelog, so have a look at it by yourself. You can download the latest software from the FutureOS homepage.

  • Update of the Documentation
  • New expanded automatic installer created:
    • supports choice of number system (hexadecimal or decimal)
    • Allows to select a ROM number for the Dobbertin / dxs RTC
  • New OS functions:  RBB_8, RBB_16, ZEIBI, ZEIBJ, GET_DIR, R_RTC RB_8, RB_16, B8DIN, B16DIN, E2XRAM, FER7F added
  • Enhancements for Monitor TV and LCD TV
  • Bit 0 of config variable KF_CPC decides if UI works in HEX or DEZ
  • IDE Icon disappears in SPARtan mode (when not used)
  • Hot keys for the Desktop added
  • FDC error tolerance increased
  • Expanded TYPE Icon functionality:
    • Added ability to show regular 17 KB and compressed OCP screens
  • Enhanced management of the CPC Mini-Booster and the MultiPlay card
  • Spanish and French language interface improved
  • Some Bugs in format function cured
  • Error message for File-Copy added
  • OS function LADE_N expanded: Set 8. bit of drive number to ignore file header and load according to user data
  • OS functions ICON6ON and ICON3ON expanded
    • They now work with all (MODE 2: 6-104) values for columns
  • RRB0 corrected, generates free E-RAM instead of Short-Time-Memory
  • REName corrected, will save lower RAM
  • Read DIR related bugs fixed
  • Better VN96 support
  • Some more bugs fixed
  • Automatic display of OK Icon in SPARtan mode added
  • Added a second disc with just a few but nice Wallpapers
CBM – Application Shell
  • Devices can be selected (A-M) and their DIRectories can be read without the need to return to the Desktop. This file overworked Restart restaurates SP save. File selector ESC makes warm start
  • Hot keys added
  • X-Menue added, more functionality
ROManager 2.14
  • Function added to ReRead DIRectories
  • Static display of time and day at menu entry
  • Bugs fixed
  • Support for CP/M Graduate software E-ROMs enhanced
  • “Little Help” / “Kl.Info-Sys” updated
  • Update of “Konfig OS” / “Config OS”
CP/M Plus ROMs
  • ROMs and documentation on FutureOS homepage now
Aug 302014

TFM released a new version of his ROManager for FutureOS which currently supports all available Flash-ROM devices for the CPC (X-MEM (TotO), FlashGordon (PulkoMandy) or MegaFlash). You can download it from the FutureOS homepage.
This are the features of the new version:

  • an overworked GUI based on the new CBM interface
  • Enhanced error checking
  • Functions to display really all RSX of a ROM and their start address
  • Hotkeys
  • SDP constantly activated
  • Plug & Play support for the new X-MEM (Winbond or SST), MegaFlash and FlashGordon
  • and a nice Icon 😉


Sep 292011

TFM just released, as promised, a single version of his ROMManager for the Megaflash ROM interface and the Symbiface II . He also added the Inicron ROMBooster to the ROM, so you can now directly use up to 32 ROMs without installing the ROMBooster in ROM no. 15. You can download it from TFMs homepage (in the download section). You can discuss the latest version or report errors in the CPCWiki forums.

Sep 032011

TFM released the first official version of the ROManager application for the MegaFlash from Bryce. After a long phase of testing by SyX the ROMananger in version 1.35 is now capable to perform the following tasks:

  • Park or Unpark a ROM
  • Clear a ROM
  • Copy, swap or shift ROMs
  • Test a ROM for name, version number and checksum.
  • Adapt a ROM checksum
  • ROMs can be loaded from disc or saved to disc.

There are versions for Basic (either from disc or ROM redident) or for FutureOS. The Basic version can work with different drives and OSs. The ROM resident version needs  32 KB, which equals two ROMs. A version which only needs one ROM is under development.

The ROManager including all source codes can be downloaded at:


Sep 022010

TFM released the first version of his ROM manager for BASIC. With this tool you can load, manage and save single ROMs. Further you can save and restore a backup of all 32 ROMs of the SYMBiFACE II. You can park, unpark, clear, test, shift, swap and copy ROMs. The test fuction also allows to check and to adapt the checksum. It has a language interface for Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. You can run it with every CPC464/664/6128 which is attached to a SYMBiFACE II.

You can download the file at the bottom of this posting and in the download section of this page.


ROManager for Basic
ROManager for Basic
Version: 1.08
98.6 KiB

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