Jun 212011

Today is the “World Music Day” and Phi2x decided, that the best way to celebrate it is a new release of his JavaScript CPC emulator “CPCBox”. Here is the announcement (thanks for keeping me informed about this update :-)):

“There is something new with CPCBox, the Amstrad CPC emulator in Javascript!
Since its release last year, a lot happened.
Over time, I improved emulation accuracy, made optimizations to be more swift, support for disk images, and many more.

Today, to celebrate the “World music day”, CPCBox went above and beyond.
Yep, the new version of CPCBox brings the lovely sound chip emulation of the Amstrad.
It’s ideal for listening to chiptunes and set back into the mood of 80’s geeks.

Technically speaking, sound datas are output through Mozilla Audio Data API. It implies that, as of now, it’s necessary to use Firefox to enjoy sound in CPCBox.
For a nice relaxing time in Arkanoid, Boulder Dash or Gryzor, only one address to go: http://www.cpcbox.com

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