Jan 132011

Devilmarkus, who is also known for his utilities and the JavaCPC emulator, released a tiny version of his Java CPC emulator which binary size is only 128kb. It was submitted to Pouet.net, but it was rejected as not being a viable production (aehm, what about this?). Anyway, you can download it directly here and discuss it in the CPCWiki forums.


  • CRTC 0 / 1 emulation
  • Accurate AY emulation
  • Digiblaster and Amdrum emulation
  • Autotype
  • CDT/CSW Tape image supported (Read only!)
  • DSK Disk image supported (Read only!)
  • Can load SNA snapshots
  • 2 Display-sizes (Doubleclick into Display to change size)


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