Dec 112010

Bryce finished another hardware project, this time for the Amstrad Plus series. It is a multi cartridge, which contains a 512 KB EPROM or Flash-ROM on which you can place 4 128 KB ROMs. You can use the DIP switches on the cartridge to select which of the four ROMs shall be used by the CPC. As always you can find more information about the cartridge and the board layout in the [[Multi Cartridge|Multi Cartridge]] article in the CPC Wiki. The project can be discussed here.

NOTE: You will still need a ACID protection chip in this cartridge.


Oct 172010

Bryce released another great hardware project for the CPC. This time it is a ROM extension board which uses one big EPROM (1 MBit or 2 MBit) to store your ROMs instead of using small 16kb EPROMs, which are hard to find nowadays. With an 1 MBit EPROM you can use 8 16kb ROMs and with an 2 MBit you can use 16 16kb ROMs.
This is an DIY project, which means, that Bryce won’t build a batch of them, but you can get all files (schematics, board) and a description of it from the [[MegaROM]] article in the CPCWiki. You can discuss this project in this thread of the CPCWiki board.


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