Jul 012010

Bryce just finished his version of the Digiblaster – if you don’t know it – it is a device which is connected to the printer port and can play 8-bit samples which can be directly send to the printer port. He improved the v2 design be a R2R-resistor ladder (you needn’t to buy non-standard resistor values anymore), is now brought to stereo line-out level (you should use your active speakers now) and you can connect the output of the CPC to it (it will mix the signal of the soundchip to the sample output). He also designed two versions of the Digiblaster v3: one for CPCs with edge connectors and one for CPCs with centronics connectors.
Like with the PS2Mouse adapter, Bryce published the schematics and board layout in the [[Digiblaster#DigiBlaster_V3|CPC Wiki]].


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  1. Nice! I should build one of these for my CPC…

    I’ve once built one of these for a ‘286 PC using just the resistors and a headphone jack. (and no circuit board) A lot of games from the 90’s supported these devices and there was even a windows 3.1 sound driver.

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