Dec 152010

Right in time Redbox released his Xmas demo for the Amstrad CPC Plus. It uses the extended hardware colour palette and hardware sprites and works in WinApe and on the real hardware. You can download it from [[Xmas 2010 Demo|the CPC Wiki article of the demo]] or at the end of this posting.


Xmas 2010
Xmas 2010
14.1 KiB

  2 Responses to “Xmas 2010 demo for Amstrad Plus”

  1. Well, the scroller of the “demo” is a bit wrong. Not Nocash “cracked” the ACID. Octoate and Nilquader did it!

  2. Well, the quote was correct, NoCash reverse engineered the ACID and Nilquader and I already have a custom chip which can replace it (that’s what he wished for the future). We currently have various reason to not release the code for it yet.
    Anyway… it seemed that in the forums weren’t much interest about it, so it isn’t on my high priority list and Nilquader seems to be very busy at the moment.

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