Jun 102013

Kokak, who already released a CPC emulator for Series 60 phones some years ago, released a new Amstrad CPC emulator for Android. It should run with full-speed on nearly all devices, has a very nice feature set and even supports hardware gamepads and hardware keyboards. You can get it for 1,79€ in the Google Play Store.

So, after CPCDroid and AndCPC, this is the third Amstrad CPC emulator for Android.


  • Virtual Joystick on touchscreen (analog or directions keys)
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Hardware gamepads (XB360, Moga, etc.) with customable controls
  • Hardware keyboards
  • Snapshots (you can save / restore the state of the CPC, so any game can be saved / loaded)
  • OpenGL renderer
Mar 062011

FMS released a new CPC emulator for Android. Like AndCPC it is based on ZX81s PSPCap32, but doesn’t need a physical keyboard connected to the Android device, because it features a virtual keyboard. Be sure to visit FMS website, download CPCDroid and don’t forget to report bugs to support the development of the emulator.

Features of v1.5.1:

  • Screenshot support
  • Snapshot support (5 slots per loaded disk name)
  • Disk A & B Support
  • Autodetection of start file inside loaded DSK image (the program should start automatically after insertion of disk if not disabled in settings)
  • Comments for games
  • Cheats
  • Keyboard remapping (saving, loading, etc..) to ease use of CPC Keyboard with SDL touchscreen virtual buttons
  • Joystick remap (as in keyboard remapping)
  • Settings support (for changing emulator parameters as rendering mode, skip fps in slow or older phones, etc…)
  • Configuration menú can be used without losing CPC emulation state
  • Text virtual keyboard can be used in the emulator (press “AB” virtual key on screen upper left side)
  • Onscreen virtual keypad with 6 buttons (configurable in the main menu) for controlling CPC programs


Dec 312010

Jahrome11 released the first Amstrad CPC emulator for Google’s Andoid operating system. The emulator is based on Ludovic Jacommes WizCAP32 emulator which is a Caprice port for the Gamepark Wiz. Currently this emulator is only supposed to work on devices which have a physical keyboard connected to the device.

You can download the emulator from its page at Google Code.

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