Mar 062011

FMS released a new CPC emulator for Android. Like AndCPC it is based on ZX81s PSPCap32, but doesn’t need a physical keyboard connected to the Android device, because it features a virtual keyboard. Be sure to visit FMS website, download CPCDroid and don’t forget to report bugs to support the development of the emulator.

Features of v1.5.1:

  • Screenshot support
  • Snapshot support (5 slots per loaded disk name)
  • Disk A & B Support
  • Autodetection of start file inside loaded DSK image (the program should start automatically after insertion of disk if not disabled in settings)
  • Comments for games
  • Cheats
  • Keyboard remapping (saving, loading, etc..) to ease use of CPC Keyboard with SDL touchscreen virtual buttons
  • Joystick remap (as in keyboard remapping)
  • Settings support (for changing emulator parameters as rendering mode, skip fps in slow or older phones, etc…)
  • Configuration menú can be used without losing CPC emulation state
  • Text virtual keyboard can be used in the emulator (press “AB” virtual key on screen upper left side)
  • Onscreen virtual keypad with 6 buttons (configurable in the main menu) for controlling CPC programs


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