Sep 102012

Impact and Revival released a new demo for the Amstrad Plus computers called Revival’n Impact Coop. You can download it from (don’t forget to vote). It features two parts coded by Ast and F-Key, with graphics by CeD and musics by Shap and Tao:

Revival’n Impact Coop–Part 1
Revival’n Impact Coop–Part 2
Sep 072011

Ok, every system gets what it deserves – so now we have a Nyan Cat for the Amstrad CPC, too. The code was written by Demoniak from Impact, Music by McKlain and the CATart was done by TastefulMrShip. If you want to see the progress of this small program, you can read it in the CPCWiki forums. You can download it directly from the thread (load the latest DSK / CDT image) or at the end of this posting – I will try to keep it up to date.

Nyan Cat on the Amstrad CPC


Original Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat v4.1
Nyan Cat v4.1
Version: v4.1
12.2 KiB
Dec 252010

The demogroup Impact just released a new XMAS demo. You can download it from Pouet (don’t forget to rate the demo :-)) or at the end of this article.


Merry XMAS 2010
Merry XMAS 2010
60.2 KiB
May 032008

The french demogroup Impact just released their long awaited demo called “Synergy 2”. This is an “old generation” CPC demo, but you need 128k RAM to run it. Don’t forget to leave them a comment in their forums.
You can download the demo from

Synergy 2 demo

Synergy 2
Synergy 2
96.6 KiB

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