Nov 132011

In the current episode 143, the BitJam Podcast features one hour of the best CPC tunes. The tunes were mixed by Jegougou, the logo was created by H2O and the whole thing was compiled by Bobic and also Grim helped to create this episode of the Podcast. Don’t miss this episode and download it from the Bitfellas homepage.


Track list:

  1. Julian Breeze – Sigma Seven
  2. Ben Daglish – Mask
  3. Intensity – Fly
  4. Tiny Williams – Ninja Warriors
  5. David Whittaker – Golden Axe
  6. Steve Turner – Flying Shark
  7. Michel Winogradoff – Disc
  8. Gregroy Clement – Iron Lord
  9. Targhan – Turrican – The Bath
  10. Rob Hubbard – Warhawk
  11. Tim Follin – Solar Invasion
  12. Rob Hubbard – Dragon’s Lair 2
  13. Tim Follin – Ghouls ‘n’Ghosts
  14. Rob Hubbard – Commando
  15. Jonathan Dunn – Darkman
  16. Jonathan Dunn – Wec Le Mans
  17. Frederic Motte – Tiny Sweeks
  18. Michel Winogradoff – Harricane
  19. Matt Furniss – Space Harrier 2
  20. Nigel Pritchard – Zone Trooper
  21. David Whittaker – Out Run – Theme 2
  22. Allister Brimble – Sergeant Seymour Robotcop – Menu
  23. Rob Hubbarde – Warhawk
  24. Geoff & Tim Follin – Gauntlet 3
  25. Charles Callet – Les passagers du vent
  26. David Whittaker – Loopz

Total playtime: 54:36min.

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