Jun 012008

Sad news for all people who were waiting for the book by Simon of Retrorevival.co.uk. Because of personal circumstances he will sell his CPC stuff and cancel the book project. Maybe someone will pick it up, let’s see what happens. You can read more about it in his CPCZone.net forum posting.

Jan 142008

Today I got an email from Simon of RetroRevival.co.uk where he asked me if I can post a news about his current project: a book about the CPC. Well, I think it is a great idea, so here is what he wrote:

“From an idea I had many moons ago I have decided to start work on a CPC based resource book. The basic premise can be found on the supporting website www.retrorevival.co.uk , but to alleviate peoples fears , what will be produced will NOT be a carbon copy of the great Speccy or C64 books as published by one Mr Andrew Rollings. In fact this CPC book will greatly removed from the content and layout of said books.

History, industry, the games themselves, the media, technicalities and a whole host of other information will be presented in a way no other website or book has accomplished, making it an all round guide to the CPC machines, not just about the games. The book will be something users and non users alike can learn from and will allow the reader to keep an all round resource which they can refer to for many years to come.

The aim is to have the book printed by Christmas 2008, content, editing and printers permitting, however keep checking the website for more up to date information and sample work as and when it is available.

Due to their allegiances to the C64 or Spectrum many people do not know the Amstrad CPC story in all its glory, hopefully something that will change with the availability of this book.


So please visit his website about the book, read the premise, vote for the book format and maybe drop a line in the forum!!!

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