Jul 072008

One of the biggest remaining german CPC related websites, CPC forever, closed it’s doors. The maintainer of this site decided to do this step because of serveral reasons:

  • several changes in his personal life
  • decreasing webhits
  • other competing projects
  • decreasing collabortion of the CPC users

Devilmarkus asked him if he can get the backups of the page, to host a copy on his server. Let’s hope that he can save the content of the old page.

Last but not least: A big thank you to him for supporting CPC for a very long time! Not only with CPC forever, but also with the A/SCD.

Sep 122006

The XzentriX 2006 is over and I have to say: “It was great!”. Like every year there were much more people there then the previous year and – as always – a lot of CPC users =). You can find the pictures I took this weeking in the image gallery (XzentriX 2006 images).

Hicks from France released a new demo called “Boules et Bits”. This demo sets a new record of how many vectorballs are displayed on the CPC screen. The demo shows 42 balls at 50 fps. You can download a DSK image from Pouet.net.

Villain released on the XzentriX 2006 a new issue of his papermag “CPC forever”. It is the first time that “CPC forever” contains an english article. In the future there will be at least english summaries for the articles. You can download it here.

Boules et Bits
Boules et Bits
Boules & Bits (Hicks).zip
18.0 KiB
CPC Forever 3
CPC Forever 3
Version: 3
2.2 MiB

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