Sep 132012

Another year is over and so the XzentriX 2012. It was a nice meeting – as always – but only MaV, Mr.AMS and I brought an Amstrad CPC with us, so the CPC was a little bit underrepresented this year. Anyway, a lot of german CPC users were there, e.g. Nurgle, Odiesoft, Brainblaster, Kangaroo, MaV, Nilquader, Mr.AMS and Octoate (myself). Thanks to the great Batman Forever demo, the interest in the CPC was higher this year and maybe we see a Amstrad CPC workshop on the next Vintage Computer Festival Europe (VCFe) in Munich next year.

Kangaroo showed his Pacman clone board game “Whacky Wit“, which is currently in a crowdfunding phase on StartNext (a german crowdfunding platform). The game is great and it makes a lot of fun, so if you want to help him, go over to StartNext and be a fan or buy a part :-).

Playing Whacky Wit

Kangaroo shows his board game Whacky Wit to Brainblaster and Nilquader 

You can find more pictures from the meeting in the “Meeting Gallery” of this page.

Pictures by other participants:


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