May 032014

The Revision 2014 is over and I alreadey posted the official results and Doz’ Amstrad CPC entry in the Oldskool competition, but we also took some pictures, which we want to share with you. You can find my pictures either in the meeting gallery of this page or on the Revision party page of Push’n’Pop (only available for registered users). Toms also wrote a nice meeting report, so be sure to check it, too.
Thanks to all the participants for such a great and well-organised party. Unfortunately it was too short to speak with everybody, but hopefully we see us next year again :).

Revision 2014


Sep 112013

Another XzentriX meeting is over and so it is time to upload the new meeting pictures and write some lines about the meeting. This year we only had two real CPCs here (shame on you MaV, you should have bring a CPC with you ;-)) – only Mr.AMS and I brought a CPC to the meeting. Anyway, like every year, a lot of german CPC sceners came to Seeshaupt (this year Kangaroo Musique, Nurgle, MaV, Nilquader, Mr.AMS, Octoate (myself), Odiesoft and Sync). We had a lot of fun, talking about old times, drink one or two beers and enjoyed the meeting. Nurgle also tried to get the latest Arnold version working under Linux, we played the games of the 16k ROM game competition and there was also a mysterious coder writing some sprite routines in a hurry…

This year, Kangaroo also held the first german “Whacky Wit” championships on the XzentriX. Unfortunatly I didn’t managed to get through the first round :-(, but Odin – Odiesofts brother -, won the third place. Hooray!


So, I won’t bore you with more details. Head over to the meeting section and watch the meeting pictures there.

Sep 132012

Another year is over and so the XzentriX 2012. It was a nice meeting – as always – but only MaV, Mr.AMS and I brought an Amstrad CPC with us, so the CPC was a little bit underrepresented this year. Anyway, a lot of german CPC users were there, e.g. Nurgle, Odiesoft, Brainblaster, Kangaroo, MaV, Nilquader, Mr.AMS and Octoate (myself). Thanks to the great Batman Forever demo, the interest in the CPC was higher this year and maybe we see a Amstrad CPC workshop on the next Vintage Computer Festival Europe (VCFe) in Munich next year.

Kangaroo showed his Pacman clone board game “Whacky Wit“, which is currently in a crowdfunding phase on StartNext (a german crowdfunding platform). The game is great and it makes a lot of fun, so if you want to help him, go over to StartNext and be a fan or buy a part :-).

Playing Whacky Wit

Kangaroo shows his board game Whacky Wit to Brainblaster and Nilquader 

You can find more pictures from the meeting in the “Meeting Gallery” of this page.

Pictures by other participants:


Sep 172011

The 14th XzentriX is over and it is time to look back at the meeting. As always it was great to see so many people having a lot of fun with their old computers and to meet a lot of german CPC users. This year I also had the opportunity to participate in the Bavarian Kick Off 2 open :-). I also hope to document a small modification I made to the CPC Booster+, too, but I currently don’t have much time to do that. Meanwhile you can find my pictures in the meeting gallery.

This years participants: Brainblaster, Cranium, Ferdl, Kangaroo MusiQue, MaV, Mr.Ams, Nilquader, Nurgle, Octoate, Odiesoft, Sync, Tolkin, Villain, Woodman.

Pictures by other participants:

Jul 062011

The big french Amstrad CPC meeting ReSeT #0, organised by Eliot, is over and so it is time to publish the meeting report, meeting pictures and the results of the competitions, of course. You can find them all on the ReSeT #0 meeting page at


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