May 032014

The Revision 2014 is over and I alreadey posted the official results and Doz’ Amstrad CPC entry in the Oldskool competition, but we also took some pictures, which we want to share with you. You can find my pictures either in the meeting gallery of this page or on the Revision party page of Push’n’Pop (only available for registered users). Toms also wrote a nice meeting report, so be sure to check it, too.
Thanks to all the participants for such a great and well-organised party. Unfortunately it was too short to speak with everybody, but hopefully we see us next year again :).

Revision 2014


Apr 282013

Ok, this year I am a bit slow with the news: Toms wrote a meeting report about the Revision 2013 demoparty for Push’n’Pop. Maybe you already had a look at the official results or the Still Rising demo by Vanity so you can now read their impressions of the meeting as well. You can read the meeting report on the Push’n’Pop homepage.


Jul 042012

You already saw the news about the releases from the ReSeT #8 which took place in Coutances / France and was organised by Eliot. Now Voxfreax took the time to write a meeting report, which you can read on the Push’n’Pop homepage.

Apr 192012

The Revision 2012 demoscene meeting is over and you (maybe) already read the article about the Wake Up Demo, the Stop that Nyan cat 4k intro, Krustys seminar about The inglorious Amstrad or the official competition results of the Revision 2012. Now Hicks took the time to write a Revision 2012 meeting report. You can read the meeting report on the Push’n’Pop homepage.

Mar 262012

Pulkomandy wrote a meeting report for the FOReVER XIII party, which was held from 16th-18th March 2012 in Horna Suca. On the FOReVER XIII party, the demo Wolfenstrad, which was presented in one of the previous news postings, was released and also the music CPC in Wonderland by Electro participated in a competition and ranked 3rd, too.

You can read the full meeting report and see images of the party at Push’N’Pop.

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