Mar 242014

Pulkomandy and Bonefish wrote a meeting report for the FOReVER 2014 party, which was held from 14th-16th March 2014 in Horna Suca, Slovakia. On the FOReVER 2014 party, Brink participated in the “Other platforms graphics” competition and ranked first with his picture “French Garden” (see below). He also ranked 1st in the “Other platform Music” with his song “Jive Turkey”. Congratulations!

You can read the full meeting report, see images of the party and download the competition entries at Push’N’Pop.

French Garden by Brink

French Garden by Brink

Mar 262012

Pulkomandy wrote a meeting report for the FOReVER XIII party, which was held from 16th-18th March 2012 in Horna Suca. On the FOReVER XIII party, the demo Wolfenstrad, which was presented in one of the previous news postings, was released and also the music CPC in Wonderland by Electro participated in a competition and ranked 3rd, too.

You can read the full meeting report and see images of the party at Push’N’Pop.

Apr 262011

Another new (old) game for the Amstrad CPC. Arquimedes XXI was the second try of Dinamic to write a text adventure. It was the first work of Jorge Blecua in this kind of game type and was released in 1986, but only for MSX and Spectrum – until now. Thanks to Devilmarkus, PulkoMandy, voXfReaX and MiguelSky we have now a working version for the CPC. It is available in french, spanish and english. Be sure to check it out and download it from


Oct 132008

Another great news for cross-developers: PulkoMandy released an updated version of his pixel-art tool GrafX2. The sourcecode is available and should compile under Linux, Windows and MacOS. However, currently only binaries for Windows are available on the GrafX2 website , but binaries for the other systems will follow. The software is avtively supported, so don’t hesitate to ask the developers for help, features and bugfixes.


Sep 252008

Krusty, Cloudstrife and PulkoMandy started a new project which is called CPC-DSK. Its intention is to bring all the development tools for Linux cross-development together in one SDK and hopefully speed up the development of new demos and games. You will find image viewers, image converter, tools for writing floppy disks, a port of Ramlaids CPC Tools and an upgraded version of the Caprice emulator in the SDK.

You can find the CPC-SDK on its project page at Google Code.

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