Dec 152016

It is time to catch up with some news, which have not published yet on this page… During Halloween, Bizarro Games released a new game called Zombi Terror Reloaded (= ZTR) for the Amstrad CPC. ZTR was written by Kabuto Factory for the Commodore 64. The game itself is a combination of text adventure and role-playing elements.

For the story: You wake up on an island and you don’t know how you got there. In front of you, you can see a harbor where a yacht is docked, but obviously you cannot just leave the island, because you are unable to start the engine…

You can download the game from the Bizarror games homepage or at the end of this news.

Zombie Terror Reloaded (English)
Zombie Terror Reloaded (English)
120.7 KiB
Nov 022016

With “Doomsday Lost Echoes” a new graphical text adventure was just released for the Amstrad CPC. In the game you play Mike, a guy who wants to leave the planet by becoming a crew member of a space ship called Doomsday. After traveling to “The Pit” after an civil unrest on the planet, he received an email from a lost worker from an abandoned space station. And that’s where you go next…

Doomsday - Lost Echoes

The game was developed using the Professional Adventure Writing System (PAWS) and features very nice graphics (obvious, isn’t it – it is a text adventure ;-)) and – like all newer games – a very nice manual. You can play the game on a real Amstrad CPC, Amstrad Plus or in an emulator. However, it requires 128kb of RAM and a floppy drive, which is able to read 720kb disks (it will work with a HxC floppy emulator).

Doomsday - Lost Echoes

You can download the game from the official homepage or at the end of this news.

Doomsday Lost Echoes
Doomsday Lost Echoes
Version: 1.0
7.0 MiB
Apr 262011

Another new (old) game for the Amstrad CPC. Arquimedes XXI was the second try of Dinamic to write a text adventure. It was the first work of Jorge Blecua in this kind of game type and was released in 1986, but only for MSX and Spectrum – until now. Thanks to Devilmarkus, PulkoMandy, voXfReaX and MiguelSky we have now a working version for the CPC. It is available in french, spanish and english. Be sure to check it out and download it from


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