Sep 092016

After 3 years of development, Shining released his tower defense game called “Defence” for the Amstrad CPC. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first tower defense game for this platform, isn’t it?

Defence - Loading Screen

In the game you play the role of Bill Rizer who has to fight a battle against Red Falcon and his army, where you have to defend the last command base of the Probotectors, who helped and healed you after an explosion.  The army of Red Falcon is led by Lance Gryzor, who once was a comrade of Bill in the fight against the Red Falcon.

Defence - Map 7

Like in all tower defense games, you have to defend the exit points against hordes of enemies, who wants to get through your defense equipment. In Defence you can build machine guns, slow towers, rocket launchers and anti air rockets for flying enemies. You can buy upgrades and the game also has an achievement system – not to say that you can save and load your progress, so you do not have to start from the beginning each time you restart the game.

Defence - Physical Personalized Copy

Defence features great graphics, speech synthesis, nice music, detailed documentation and a great presentation of the game. If you want, you can get a personalized version of the game (digitally or physically) for a small donation. The downloadable version of Defence contains a DSK image for emulation, a HFE image for the HxC floppy emulator and a version for the Amstrad M4 WiFi expansion. Be sure to at least download it from the official homepage (or at the end of this news) and play it on the real machine – if possible. You can discuss it on the CPCWiki forums.

Version: 1.02
1.2 MiB

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