Apr 262011

Another new (old) game for the Amstrad CPC. Arquimedes XXI was the second try of Dinamic to write a text adventure. It was the first work of Jorge Blecua in this kind of game type and was released in 1986, but only for MSX and Spectrum – until now. Thanks to Devilmarkus, PulkoMandy, voXfReaX and MiguelSky we have now a working version for the CPC. It is available in french, spanish and english. Be sure to check it out and download it from Amstrad.es.


  4 Responses to “Arquimedes XXI”

  1. No German language??? What a pity!

  2. Well, I guess you know how long it takes to translate a game :D. Most germans are able to understand english, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Btw, this was the decision when I chose the main language of this website – I can reach more people when I write the posts in english :).

  3. Come on. They translated it into three languages, but German. That’s just a letdown. And such kind of games really must be played in mother language. And therefore I translated OP to German.

  4. They planned to translate it only to english, but when they asked me to convert the intro music to Arkos Tracker format I offered to do the french translation. There was no one speaking german in the development team 🙂

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