Mar 222010

A new version of Grafx2, a bitmap painting program, was released today. With this program you can draw in more that 60 screen resolutions (e.g. all Amiga screen resolutions are supported). It was written for DOS, but ported to use the SDL graphics library, so it is now available for Windows, Linux, MacOS and FreeBSD. You can download it from the Grafx2 page at Google Code.

Here are the main changes (full changelist):

  • Layers
  • Lua scripting to generate and distort your drawings
  • Helper for saving complex C64 formats (FLI)
  • Some bug fixes


  3 Responses to “Grafx2 2.2”

  1. I took a look at the homepage. Nice tool for Amiga, but I saw no option to make cpc screens???

  2. You are right. There are no special tools integrated for the CPC, but Grafx 2.2 is a nice bitmap graphics program, which was also used for some CPC productions, so I added it to the news.
    Btw, you can find the CPC colour palette in the Grafx2 Wiki , which makes it easier to paint images for the CPC.

  3. I know it’s not very evident from the documentation, but in the “Picture and screen size” screen, you can select pixel size: Wide and Wide2 are flat pixels to emulate mode 0, and Tall and Tall2 are thin pixels like mode 2. It changes the core definition of what a single pixel is, so you can still use dither patterns and multi-pixel brushes, for example.

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