Mar 242010

Arnaud Storq aka Norecess released the first version of his new C compiler for the Amstrad CPC. The compiler is available in different versions:

  • a PC version for cross-development (command-line)
  • a CPC ROM version (use that, if you can)
  • a 64k CPC version (standalone, which resets after execution)
  • a 128k CPC version (useable with RSX commands)

If you use the compiler on the PC, it will compile a .C file into an ASM file, which you can use e.g. in WinApe to compile it. On the CPC you can compile it with MAXAM.
PhrozenC also comes with a 33 page PDF manual, which covers how to use the compiler for your own programs. Examples are also included and some libraries for file management, graphics, memory mangement, string operations… are also available.
He also wants to improve the compiler, so send him your feedback :-).

You can download PhrozenC from Sourceforge or at the end of this article.

Version: 1.0
293.1 KiB

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  1. […] Right after the release of version 1.0, Norecess released a new bugfix version of his C compiler for the CPC and for PC. You can read more about it in my previous article about PhrozenC. […]

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