May 012009

Lachlan Keown released a new version of his sprite editor for Windows. With AMSprite you can paint your graphics / sprites on a Windows PC and use them for your CPC productions, so it is perfect for cross-development. You can donwload it from the CPC Wiki article.

Changes with version 1.1:

  • Level Editor
  • Video Import and convert utility
  • Animation preview
  • Windows binary -> CPC assembly tool
  • Numerous bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Edit in Mode 2/Spectrum monochrome

And this are the main features of AMSprite:

  • Edit in Mode 0, 1, or 2.
  • Export to MAXAM/WinApe ready assembler
  • Select palette from authentic Amstrad set of 27
  • Import any image file and convert to amstrad sprite or loading screen
  • Import any video file and generate an assembly program to replicate on the CPC
  • Export a blank image with indexed amstrad palette for editing in external paint program. Can be reimported.
  • Includes a full test program to see your sprites in action on the CPC.
  • Includes a basic level editor

  2 Responses to “AMSprite v1.1”

  1. does somebody have the oroginal basic (on tape pr disk) sprite editor? I need to fix the Fill routine so I need the correct values on the last few lines of DATA..please help me!

  2. Hi Phil,
    did you test the version, which is linked in the CPCWiki? Maybe you can contact the author of it. You can find his mail address also in the Wiki page about AMSprite.

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