Jun 242014

Optimus of Dirty Minds released a new game for the Amstrad Plus called Flappy UFO. It is a clone of the mobile phone game Flappy Bird, which gained popularity during the last few months. Optimus submitted this game to the Mini LudumDare retro challenge. If you have a real Amstrad Plus, be sure to play it on your machine, otherwise use WinApe to play it on your PC. You can download the game and its source code from Pouet.net (don’t forget to vote) and at the end of this news.

Flappy UFO for Amstrad Plus
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Jun 242012

Dirty minds released their new 4k intro on the ReSeT #8 meeting. It features some nice effects and wonderful music. Don’t miss it and download and vote for it on Pouet.net or at the end of this news.

4k intro: Clouds with Virgins in the Skies by Dirty Minds
Clouds with Virgins in the Skies 4k intro
Clouds with Virgins in the Skies 4k intro
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Apr 022012

The Hugi discmag issue number 37 was released. As always, it features a lot of english articles about the demoscene and like in Hugi #36, Optimus also wrote a nice article about the CPC scene in the years 2010 and 2011. You can download it from the Hugi discmag page.

UPDATE: It also contains the meeting report of the Revision 2011 demoscene party by Beb / Vanity.


Mar 262012

Pulkomandy wrote a meeting report for the FOReVER XIII party, which was held from 16th-18th March 2012 in Horna Suca. On the FOReVER XIII party, the demo Wolfenstrad, which was presented in one of the previous news postings, was released and also the music CPC in Wonderland by Electro participated in a competition and ranked 3rd, too.

You can read the full meeting report and see images of the party at Push’N’Pop.

Mar 182012

Optimus of Dirty Minds released the final version of his Wolfenstrad demo (graphics by Voxfreax and music by Sice). It features a raycasting engine like in the good old id Software ego shooter. You can also move manually in the labyrinth. Wolfenstrad was developed in a mix of SDCC C code and Z80 assembly. Be sure to download it and vote for it on Pouet.net.

You can download it from its Pouet page and at the end of this news.


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