Apr 102012

The Revision 2012 and the Amstrad CPC was present in some of the competitions and “Benediction and friends” did a great job to promote the CPC. So here are the official results of the Revision 2012 demoparty (I highlighted the CPC related results):

PC Demo:
  1. PC-06: Rev.2 by GRX/PandaCube
  2. ReText by Brainstorm
  3. FLP-PordTuo by maq/floppy
  4. Rite of Ember by Nuance & Hermaniak
  5. Omnis ars imitatio naturae est by Nuance^eXtrait
  6. 0x4 by Linus, Zalza & Michu
  7. Bring me a flower by Numtek & Femke Japing
  8. Axxelerate by Frequency & Popsy Team
  9. Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation by SVatG & Desire
  10. Machine by Ümlaüt Design

PC 64k Intro:
  1. Gaia Machina by Approximate
  2. F – Felix’s Workshop by Ctrl-Alt-Test
  3. The Scene Is Dead by rez/Razor 1911
  4. Train Control by Brain Control
  5. alkorytmi by cubicle
  6. SCOTTIE by nonoil & System K
  7. Epilepsilon by stroboholics
  8. yportne by fnuque
  9. Metaphorm by Inque
PC 4k Intro:
  1. Hartverdrahtet by DemoscenePassivist/Akronyme Analogiker
  2. Shoal by Traction + Brainstorm
  3. Fractus by Seven/Fulcrum
  4. zeroG by Min & Merry
  5. Grey trip by shash/Collapse & una-i/waht & dr.pain/fuzzion & Merry/Min&Merry
  6. 489 Arrecibo Message Reply by Jarod/Gray Alien Resistance
  7. Beambox by ltipl/lucid
  8. Screenraver by T$
  9. Sparse Alphabet by void main
Amiga Demo:
  1. Kioea by Madwizards
  2. Kakao by Elude
  3. teobstrrofarfeia by focus design
  4. RESETkání 2012 invitation by AmiGanS
  5. Bramborak by ArtWaY & Horizontal Lamerz
  6. Panda Power by Fans of DESiRE
Amiga Intro:
  1. Hot Dots by Focus Design & Unstable Label
  2. Quotation Marks by Dekadence
  3. Leap of Faith by moods plateau
  4. Freeloader by Depth
Oldskool Demo:
  1. Boogietown by Ghostown & RNO
  2. Krawall Deluxe by TRSI
  3. Wake up! by Benediction/Sector One/McKlain/KOD/Les Sucres en Morceaux
  4. Cenotaph by dox/dcs
  5. FLASHBANG by Wertstahl/Genesis Project
  6. Mega Intro Deluxe by Desire
  7. Rewired 2012 Invitation by RBBS
Oldskool 4k Intro:
  1. Stella Lives! by Tjoppen
  2. Purple Eggs by BooZombies
  3. Stop that nyan cat! by Benediction/Hooy-program
  4. False Dimension by viznut/pwp
  5. zenfeuter by K2
  6. Hairy Plotter by Hooy-Program
Web Browser Demo:
  1. Radiotherapy by noogman,keito,peach,digi/alcatraz;core/scoopex
  2. Another Spring by ClySuva
  3. 20 km by Atari $T – JaKott – AmigaSuxx
  4. Twister by Abgestuerzte Akademiker
Web Browser Intro:
  1. “Laser” by luni/Bitpopler
  2. Fabrik by Adinpsz
  3. Fun with [0,1]^2 by g-hennux
  4. THE A-WORD by losso ^ code red
Streamed Music:
  1. Break The Cycle by h0ffman/Unstable Label
  2. There Is No Need To Panic by T-101/Darklite
  3. Toybox Adventures by Xerxes/Brainstorm^Darklite
  4. Change has come by jco
  5. The Key by Hazel/Future Vision^SceneSat
  6. Avolition by glxblt
  7. Injeenious by jeenio/Accession
  8. Soul Pillars by Parsec / Brainstorm
  9. 80’s Once Again by Buzzer/Brainstorm
  10. Chilam Balam by teo/kangooroo & exceed
Executable Music Oldskool:
  1. Hyperdragon by Reed/Fairlight
  2. Jaded Lights by Jazzcat / Ghostown
  3. Spring is Coming by Factor6/Hooy-Program^AY Riders
  4. Six hours by Wiklund/FairLight^Speckdrumm
  5. Burning Chips by radiantx/Panda Design
  6. french-realtime by rebb/trsi^paradise
  7. Jazzed Tobacco by Stinsen/G*P^Jolt
  8. 25mg by response/darklite
  9. A Grain of Sand by Henne / The Dreams
  10. Helou Melou by JuhoAP/Cubicle
Executable Music Newskool:
  1. Double Trouble by h0ffman + gargaj
  2. Sunreal by Reed/Fairlight
  3. Racing To Planet Rho by SunSpire/SunSpire Records/SceneSat
  4. Alternature by meaty/approximate
  5. I is another by ok3anos/Nuance^eXtrait
  6. An LFO alone does not a dubstep make by Punqtured/Fnuque
  7. DiploDupleX by Skyrunner/brain control
  8. when all came down by spexzter/darklite
  9. k0rnmeister by teo
  10. Walk Through by tripper/cubicle
Tracked Music:
  1. The Hunter by h0ffman/Unstable Label
  2. Boogie Town (compo) by Jazzcat / Ghostown
  3. XM8 by glxblt
  4. Discovery by Saga Musix/Nuance
  5. Revisiting the 90s by Curt Cool/Depth-AMP-Hoaxers-Bitworld
  6. Alanya Spring by Zalza & Floppi/Titan
  7. Je suis baquette by xyce
  8. King of Boggle by Subi/Desire
  9. Titless by Serpent/BRS^SBD^CBC^NECTA
  10. believe it by michu/titan
Modern Graphics:
  1. escape from “PARADISE” by Darklight / Ghostown
  2. Cadae by Made/Bomb
  3. Trapped in Time by Slayer / Ghostown
  4. Revision Court by prince/obsessed maniacs / dienstagstreff / neoplasia
  5. happy face by NtsC / CocOOn
  6. Hammertime by oni/DeSiRe
  7. Queen’s Compass by mxbyte/
  8. Okiya by Lycan/Retroguru
  9. Pop Tart People by Iloé/none
  10. We Come In Peace by H2O
4k Executable Graphics:
  1. Maybe the real party is outside by Psycho/Loonies
  2. Megaherz by Abgestürzte Akademiker
  3. Sloppy Sketch of an Autumnal Afternoon by Mindo/Titan
  4. Lobstervision by bavianfar / compofillernies ^madpakke
  5. Night Air by ltipl/lucid
  6. piggy by maq/floppy
Oldskool Graphics:
  1. Eye of the Storm by Veto/Arsenic, Oxyron
  2. Hawk Hard Corporated by AMN / Resource feat. Edhellon
  3. Hide and Seek by Leon / Singular Crew^Chorus^Resource feat. Control
  4. Train To Nowhere – Pure Pixelled by Slayer / Ghostown
  5. I’m your digital future by Darklight / Ghostown
  6. Fruehjahrsputz by Raven/Nuance
  7. Pinky Pie by Factor6/ArtWaY/Tropyx/ROLE/H-PRG/AY Riders
  8. Deeplove by Grass/Cybernetic Genetics feat. Travis
  9. Gourmet Chef Albertina Einstein by bracket / accession
  10. Freeganismo by Sebaloz/Lepsi
  1. Midnight Harmony by DJ Joge/Brainstorm
  2. Golden Lion Tamarin by Made/Bomb
  3. realworld by St0fF/Neoplasia
  4. mini handbag by Tony Akano / Todeskurve
  5. spheres by emys/
  6. when faith and industry meet by lastyle/genesis*project
  7. shit happens :O) by LOTAMA/
  8. Steampunk Ophelia by kalaspuff/even
  9. Pandora’s box by Iloé
  10. Green Visitor from Earth by Prof. Pi^2/Dienstagstreff
  1. My little ANSI by Exin/Benediction
  2. accession 2012 by H7/ACCESSION
  3. a famous man once said… by urs/mercury^3ln
  4. ASCIITAP by CyrusDreams
  5. Multiparty NFO by MJD
  1. Scenemon by Farbrausch & Rebels
  2. tubbattle 96k by alpha raid
  3. Reaxion by WiDDY/Nuance++
  4. Denatura – The Revision 2012 partyreport by iSO
  5. Lawn the mow by Schaedelproduktion
  6. Skjutpung by Tjoppen and Tony Akano
Animation / Video:
  1. Commercial Break – Revision Edition by DFeKT of JUNK
  2. PENS by gaspode
  3. Apfel by LULI^GN
  4. Invasion! by red_scarves
  5. No Code by Xiny6581/Dees Productions
  6. Plasmasma by JuhoAP/Cubicle
  7. The Real Party Is Outside! by Black Dot/^Fredu^/Buzzer
  8. AMIGA! by Travis/Cybernetic genetics
  1. Parallelogram by lft
  2. Funky Fresh by TRSi, DESiRE, RABENAGUE
  3. The Scary Demo by CRTC
  4. Rave by Digital Sounds System
  5. Peridiummmm by SVatG
  6. There is no by Darklite
  7. Zalza VS The World by Zalza/Neoman/Alk/Alien/Scattle^Titan
  9. Revision Song Contest by Chippojkarna
  10. Racers musicdisc by Racers
You can get all releases from Scene.org (FTP).

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