Apr 182017

The Revision 2017 is over and I have already uploaded my recorded videos of the Amstrad CPC demo / intro entries in the previous news postings. Finally, the official results are only now and the downloads of Overflows and Krustys demos are still missing, but you can find them – as always – at the end of this news or on Pouet:

And finally the results of the Revision. I have highlighted the entries by Amstrad CPC sceners:

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Wunderbar (2017) (Benediction)
Wunderbar (2017) (Benediction)
29.1 KiB
Logons Run - 3d Meets The Aging Bits - Oldskool Demo by Overflow / Logon System
23.6 KiB
Apr 172017

Krusty participated in the 4k Oldskool competition on the Revision 2017 with another Amstad CPC intro and I also had the time to record a video and upload it… Enjoy!

Jul 192016

And another fresh release from the Sundown 2016 demoscene party: BarBar by Benediction. BarBar is an intro, which uses the special hardware capabilities of the Amstrad Plus series. If you own such a system, be sure to watch it on the real machine (all others will use WinApe for sure :-)).
You can download the demo at the end of this news or directly from Pouet.net (don’t forget to vote).

Barbar(2016) (Benediction)
Barbar(2016) (Benediction)
110.5 KiB
Jun 262012

And finally, the 1st place demo of the ReSeT #8 party was released: Glory Holes by Benediction. It is a cool demo with a nice idea on how to create the different screens, so – as always – download it from Pouet.net, don’t forget to vote there, or at the end of this news.


Glory Holes by Benediction
Glory Holes by Benediction
Glory Holes (Benediction).zip
36.8 KiB
Apr 102012

The Revision 2012 and the Amstrad CPC was present in some of the competitions and “Benediction and friends” did a great job to promote the CPC. So here are the official results of the Revision 2012 demoparty (I highlighted the CPC related results):

PC Demo:
  1. PC-06: Rev.2 by GRX/PandaCube
  2. ReText by Brainstorm
  3. FLP-PordTuo by maq/floppy
  4. Rite of Ember by Nuance & Hermaniak
  5. Omnis ars imitatio naturae est by Nuance^eXtrait
  6. 0x4 by Linus, Zalza & Michu
  7. Bring me a flower by Numtek & Femke Japing
  8. Axxelerate by Frequency & Popsy Team
  9. Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation by SVatG & Desire
  10. Machine by Ümlaüt Design

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