Aug 092016

James Ford is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to finance a new quarterly Amstrad CPC fanzine called “Colour Personal Computing”. The fanzine itself will be in A5 style in black and white – just like the old fanzines of the 90s 🙂 and the best above all, the first issue is almost finished and can be shipped in September. Its main focus is on games, but there will be also articles about hardware, demos and applications, of course. To get the 1st issue, you just have to “back” it with 3 GBP / ~3.50 EUR.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, you can expect the following for the first issue:

  • Reviews of the latest CPC games including Jewel Warehouse, CoolBox and Let’s Go!
  • A feature on the upcoming game, Doomsday Lost Echoes, including an interview with its creator.
  • A special feature on the latest CPC hardware expansions.
  • A beginners guide to Floppy Disk emulators.
  • The first part of a new drama serial, “The (Alex) Van Damm Chronicles” and lots of other silliness.
  • Lots, lots more (it’s fantastic that we’re in a position where there’s so much to write about the CPC!).

The deadline for this campaign is 21st August 2016, 20:19 CEST, so be sure to support the campaign on Kickstarter.

Colour Personal Computing - The Amstrad CPC Fanzine

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