Apr 152011

Thanks to an tweet by Dadman I saw that he updated his blog about an ACID replacement. If I understand it correctly (I had to use a translator, because my spanish isn’t good enough), mcleod_ideafix has also finished the ACID emulation for the Amstrad Plus. So we will surely see new hardware for the Plus coming Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund. You will find more information about it on http://www.zxprojects.com.

Nilquader and I wrote a ACID emulation about half a year ago on the XzentriX 2010 meeting, but we decided not to release the code until a new hardware is ready, because we wouldn’t like to see high-priced bootlegs on e*ay…

[UPDATE:] Because the release of the ACID emulation code, Nilquader and I decided to release our ACID emulation code, too. You can find the source of it here.

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