Mar 202011

The Batman Group released a new demo for the CPC and raised the bar for demos a lot. Well, I just watched it and I am still overwhelmed by it and guess that I have – after all those years – a new favourite CPC demo. This demo has all what you expect from a good demo: good music, a music loader (which will play the music while loading new parts of the demo), it is a trackmo, doesn’t consist of too many scrollers and features very cool effects. You should watch it in any case!

You can download the demo from and watch it online in the CPCInAJar emulator. However, it is always better to watch it on a real CPC!



Norecess added an interview with Rhino, the coder of the demo, to his website. Be sure to read it.


You can now also find an extensive interview with the team behind the demo on the Push’n’Pop website.

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