Nov 052016

Reidrac released a new game called Magica for the Amstrad CPC. In the game you play a sorceress who needs to recollect all the magic potions, which were stolen from her laboratory. During a level you have 50 seconds to beat all enemies and collect the potions.

Magica Ingame

The game features nice graphics, music and 5o levels to compete with the enemies. It runs on an Amstrad CPC 464, so only 64k RAM is needed and was written by using Artaburus CPCRSlib and the PSG player by WYZ. You can download the game from the Magica homepage or at the end of this news.

Version: v1.0.2
99.2 KiB
Nov 022016

With “Doomsday Lost Echoes” a new graphical text adventure was just released for the Amstrad CPC. In the game you play Mike, a guy who wants to leave the planet by becoming a crew member of a space ship called Doomsday. After traveling to “The Pit” after an civil unrest on the planet, he received an email from a lost worker from an abandoned space station. And that’s where you go next…

Doomsday - Lost Echoes

The game was developed using the Professional Adventure Writing System (PAWS) and features very nice graphics (obvious, isn’t it – it is a text adventure ;-)) and – like all newer games – a very nice manual. You can play the game on a real Amstrad CPC, Amstrad Plus or in an emulator. However, it requires 128kb of RAM and a floppy drive, which is able to read 720kb disks (it will work with a HxC floppy emulator).

Doomsday - Lost Echoes

You can download the game from the official homepage or at the end of this news.

Doomsday Lost Echoes
Doomsday Lost Echoes
Version: 1.0
7.0 MiB
Nov 012016

We are moving forward to the final results (and the downloads :-)) of the CPCRetroDev 2016, so it is time to announce the nominees for the different categories:

PRO category

  • Hair Boy / Carlos Sevila
  • Virus Dog / CPC-Power
  • Outlaws / Retrobytes Productions
  • The Grenades Contest / SubXplosion
  • Hire Hare / CNGSoft
  • Dragon Attack / Bitplane Tecnomantes

BASIC category

  • El Reino del Color / Antonio Corpas

Gominolas Special Mention to the Best Music

  • Dragon Attack / Bitplane Tecnomantes
  • Ice-Slicer / EgoTrip
  • Outlaws / Retrobytes Productions

Jon Ritman Special Mention to Technical Development

  • Fitzroy and the Power Wells / awergh
  • Outlaws / Retrobytes Productions
  • Hire Hare / CNGSoft

Dinamic Special Mention to Innovative Playability

  • To be announced shortly

You can have a look at the trailers and gameplays on the previous posting.

Oct 292016

You might already have noticed it: the countdown timer for the CPCRetroDev 2016 on my page disappeared, so the deadline has passed and we can see how many entries we have this year. To make a long story short – 34 games are ready to be judged and while we have to wait for the final results and the downloads, you can have a look at the gameplay and the trailers for the games. Have fun!

Oct 272016

Kevin Thacker released new version of his cross-platform development tools CPCXfs and 2CDT. With CPCXfs you can transfer files between DSK images, which can be used in an emulator or to transfer files to the real Amstrad CPC, and your local file system. 2CDT is a similar tool, which is used to transfer files from your local file system intro a CDT cassette image. This can also be used in an emulator or transfered to the real machine. Both utilities are widely used for cross-platform development, e.g. with CPCtelera, to prepare your release.
You can download CPCXfs and 2CDT from the CPCWiki forums or at the end of this news. The source code is included in the ZIP archives of the release.

Changelog CPCXfs

  • Fixed errors shown with static analysis
  • CPCXfs will correctly set ERRORLEVEL command-line variable under more error conditions
  • Some other smaller bugfixes

Changelog 2CDT

  • You can define the sync byte for headerless
  • Command-line processing under windows and linux has been re-written. It is a lot better.
  • If you uses the mode with 2 blocks and you gave it a file which was shorter than a block it would not write it correctly. Now fixed.
  • When using pure tone it didn’t write the length of the ‘1’ pulse correctly
  • Some issues seen when running static analysis over the code.
95.0 KiB
485.0 KiB

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