Aug 282015

TFM just released a new version of FutureOS and some other tools and applications. There is a huge changelog, so have a look at it by yourself. You can download the latest software from the FutureOS homepage.

  • Update of the Documentation
  • New expanded automatic installer created:
    • supports choice of number system (hexadecimal or decimal)
    • Allows to select a ROM number for the Dobbertin / dxs RTC
  • New OS functions:  RBB_8, RBB_16, ZEIBI, ZEIBJ, GET_DIR, R_RTC RB_8, RB_16, B8DIN, B16DIN, E2XRAM, FER7F added
  • Enhancements for Monitor TV and LCD TV
  • Bit 0 of config variable KF_CPC decides if UI works in HEX or DEZ
  • IDE Icon disappears in SPARtan mode (when not used)
  • Hot keys for the Desktop added
  • FDC error tolerance increased
  • Expanded TYPE Icon functionality:
    • Added ability to show regular 17 KB and compressed OCP screens
  • Enhanced management of the CPC Mini-Booster and the MultiPlay card
  • Spanish and French language interface improved
  • Some Bugs in format function cured
  • Error message for File-Copy added
  • OS function LADE_N expanded: Set 8. bit of drive number to ignore file header and load according to user data
  • OS functions ICON6ON and ICON3ON expanded
    • They now work with all (MODE 2: 6-104) values for columns
  • RRB0 corrected, generates free E-RAM instead of Short-Time-Memory
  • REName corrected, will save lower RAM
  • Read DIR related bugs fixed
  • Better VN96 support
  • Some more bugs fixed
  • Automatic display of OK Icon in SPARtan mode added
  • Added a second disc with just a few but nice Wallpapers
CBM – Application Shell
  • Devices can be selected (A-M) and their DIRectories can be read without the need to return to the Desktop. This file overworked Restart restaurates SP save. File selector ESC makes warm start
  • Hot keys added
  • X-Menue added, more functionality
ROManager 2.14
  • Function added to ReRead DIRectories
  • Static display of time and day at menu entry
  • Bugs fixed
  • Support for CP/M Graduate software E-ROMs enhanced
  • “Little Help” / “Kl.Info-Sys” updated
  • Update of “Konfig OS” / “Config OS”
CP/M Plus ROMs
  • ROMs and documentation on FutureOS homepage now
Aug 232015

Sometimes sad things happen and it is hard to write about it. This sunday our friend and CPC community member Nilquader of SPRING died after a long fight against cancer. It was always great to talk to him about CPC hardware or electronics and meet him on several meetings over the last years, where I also had the pleasure to work with him on the Verilog ACID protection chip implementation. He was always very helpful, motivating and productive, so we will miss him a lot for sure. Life can be unfair…

Nilquader on the XzentriX 2014 meeting in Seeshaupt / Germany

Nilquader on the XzentriX 2014

Aug 062015

After two months of intense development a new version of CPCtelera, the Amstrad CPC game engine for C developers, was just released. CPCtelera offers a huge C library for the SDCC C cross-compiler, which makes it easier to create games and applications for the Amstrad CPC. It is available for Windows, Linux and OS-X. You can get the latest version from GitHub and discuss it in the CPCWiki.

UPDATE: Version 1.2.1 was released some bugs including a OSX problem during installation. See below for more information.

New features included in v1.2:

  • Added new modules: cpct_random & cpct_easytilemaps
  • 3 new fast functions for very easy management of Tilemaps and Tilesets directly.
  • New cpct_img2tileset utility for converting images containing complete tilesets or sprites groups into C data for including directly in projects code.
  • 2 new fast functions for generating pseudo-random byte numbers uniformly distributed.
  • 2 faster memset functions, up to 3 times faster than original cpct_memset (cpct_memset_f8, cpct_memset_f64)
  • New function to set the location of the program stack at will (cpct_setStackLocation)
  • New function for drawing Masked Aligned Sprites using Transparency Tables(cpct_drawSpritesMaskedAlignedTable)
  • Added a transparency_tables header file for easing inclusion.
  • Added a C-script for generating mask lookup tables.
  • Added new examples: Text Software Scrolling, fastmemset, Easytilemaps demo, drawSpritesMaskedAligned demo, ProgramStack demo.
  • Added Img2CPC image conversion tool by Augusto Ruiz.
  • Added new version of RGAS: 1.0
  • Updated SDCC to 3.5.0
  • Movable project folders: they can be moved to different locations on a same hard-disk or even on a different machine without any change (provided CPCtelera 1.2 is installed). They now use an environment variable for linking with framework.

List of improvements and bug-fixes:

  • Added a bug-fix for SDCC __z88dk_callee function binding on tail jumping optimizations.
  • Improved performance for C calls to functions using __z88dk_callee and __z88dk_fastcall new calling conventions included with SDCC 3.5.0.
  • Fixed mixed up definitions for Joy1_Fire1 and Joy1_Fire2
  • Optimized several library functions.
  • Documented functions that use self-modifying code (and will not work from ROM, logically)
  • Split C and ASM bindings for most functions: calls from both languages include their own code without overheads
  • Recalculated timings of most functions with respect to Amstrad’s microsecond-rounded scheme.
  • cpct_mkproject checks for valid AMSDOS characters on project names.
  • Fixed a subtle calculation bug in cpct_getScreenPtr
  • Added library cleanup to
  • Improved OSX compatibility for the cpct_mkproject and scripts

 Changes in v1.2.1:

  • Fixed failing under OSX
  • Fixed cpct_img2tileset not accepting full paths
  • Better information display and progressbar for cpct_img2tileset
  • Added offline documentation that was being ignored by git
  • Added new advanced example: Smooth 1-pixel movement in mode 0 (advanced/move1pixel)
Jul 132015

The ReSeT #20 demoparty in Coutances, France is over and it is time for the releases and the meeting reports. You can find the releases from the party – as always – on the Push’n’Pop homepage. Here are the results of the competitions:


  1. Slideshow Paint ASCII CPC (24)
  2. Intro ASCII 1K (6)


  1. Mammouth by Barjack & Grim (168)
  2. Condense loves Pulpo Corrosivo by CeD / Condense (136)
  3. Bat-Moule by Beb / Vanity (127)
  4. ReSeT XX by CeD / Condense (93)
  5. Bubbles of the mind by MacDeath (83)
  6. Lines Up Forms Fill Yeah!! (Amstrad Plus) by Kukulcan (29)
  7. Bora-Bora by Sicca (24)


  1. Two Years by Brink (47)
  2. Chemin by Madram / Overlanders (36)
  3. Tigres et Pirates by Garvalf (7)

You can discuss the competition entries in the CPCWiki forums.

Jun 292015

Prodatron released a beta version of SymbOS v3.0 – his operating system for the Amstrad CPC and the MSX. The main feature in the new version is clearly the network support. Currently it supports the DenYoNet network card on the MSX and a driver for localhost – which means no network support for the CPC at the moment. Here are some screenshots of the new version:


You can download and discuss the latest beta version in the CPC Wiki forums.