Sep 092016

After 3 years of development, Shining released his tower defense game called “Defence” for the Amstrad CPC. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first tower defense game for this platform, isn’t it?

Defence - Loading Screen

In the game you play the role of Bill Rizer who has to fight a battle against Red Falcon and his army, where you have to defend the last command base of the Probotectors, who helped and healed you after an explosion.  The army of Red Falcon is led by Lance Gryzor, who once was a comrade of Bill in the fight against the Red Falcon.

Defence - Map 7

Like in all tower defense games, you have to defend the exit points against hordes of enemies, who wants to get through your defense equipment. In Defence you can build machine guns, slow towers, rocket launchers and anti air rockets for flying enemies. You can buy upgrades and the game also has an achievement system – not to say that you can save and load your progress, so you do not have to start from the beginning each time you restart the game.

Defence - Physical Personalized Copy

Defence features great graphics, speech synthesis, nice music, detailed documentation and a great presentation of the game. If you want, you can get a personalized version of the game (digitally or physically) for a small donation. The downloadable version of Defence contains a DSK image for emulation, a HFE image for the HxC floppy emulator and a version for the Amstrad M4 WiFi expansion. Be sure to at least download it from the official homepage (or at the end of this news) and play it on the real machine – if possible. You can discuss it on the CPCWiki forums.

Version: 1.02
1.2 MiB
Aug 232016

Madram, Drill and Hicks have released a new version of ORGAMS – an assembler for Z80 assembly language, which runs on the Amstrad CPC. It is a ROM based assembler, so you should use it with a ROM expansion like the X-MEM board by TotO or the Amstrad WiFi. It also features a very detailed english and a french user guide. You can download the latest version from the CPCWiki forums.

ORGAMS assembler

New features

  • Trace: Source visualization while debugging (imperfect, Orgams can be lost with conditional or repeated blocs)
  • Trace: Memory visualization while debugging
  • Trace: CONTROL UP/DOWN for faster navigation
  • Monitor: Binary display with ‘?’ command
  • Monitor: Display restored zone when returning to BASIC
  • Assembler: Can assemble up to #BF80, and in #C000-#FFFF page
  • Editor: Free cursor
  • Editor: TAB to repeat previous search (text or label)
  • Editor: ESC to stop current search (only works with CONTROL F)
  • Editor: CONTROL-ESPACE put/remove BRK
  • Editor: CONTROL-C to display CATalogue
  • Editor: Can join lines (DEL at first column). Corollary : ‘DEL’ after ‘RETURN’ cancels an unexpected split
  • Editor: Use ‘&’ for hexa, like in BASIC and MAXAM.
  • Editor: Allow (IX) as shortcut for (IX+0)
  • General: Use RAM from very last bank (&FF) to alleviate conflict with 256k RAM-DISC.
  • General: Extension and Monogams ROMs can be burned everywhere (i.e. ROM 1 to 127)
  • General: Allow |o,”source” (no need to write “.o”)


  • Bloc repetition was corrupted when corresponding source was overlapping 2 banks
  • Division with MSB set in divisor (e.g. &240/&C0) was corrupted
  • Sign was lost with sub-expression (e.g. -1/[1/1] or -1 mod [4 mod 5])
  • Negative values for FILL, ORG and repetitions raise error.
  • Bad expression for repetitions (e.g. undefined label) raise error.
  • Proper binary save from 9800-HIMEM zone
  • Returning to basic won’t reset 9800-HIMEM zone anymore
  • ‘ORG &100’ now correctly parsed (not as ‘OR G AND 100’)
  • Assembling in RSX workzone (e.g. A6FC+) won’t corrupt firmware (Orgams-wise) anymore
  • Reset CRTC in RESTORE
  • Mute AY in BRK/RESTORE
  • At first invocation of BRK/Monogams, select RAM by default (lower & upper)
  • Robuster memory detection
  • Fix stack going down at each assemble / editor access.
  • Numeric pad is active when invoking |m
  • Block markers properly corrected when importing file
  • LD B,(IX) doesn’t crash anymore
  • LD H,IXH doesn’t crash anymore
  • Miscellaneous search bugs (CONTROL F) corrected.
Aug 162016

OffseT released a new version of his emulator for the MorphOS operating system. It emulates the Amstrad CPC old generation and the Amstrad Plus, too. The emulator was written from scratch, so it isn’t just a port of an existing open source Amstrad CPC emulator. Due to its very precise audio and video renderings, ACE should be your first choice to watch demos.
If you are a MorphOS user and want to use your Amstrad CPC software under MorphOS, don’t hesitate and download it from the ACE homepage


  • Migration from gcc 4 to gcc 5
  • Fixes in CRTCs emulation.
  • Added new APIs in the plugin interface.
  • Added new plugins for Kempston and AMX mice.
  • Added new plugin for joysticks (replaces internal emulation).
  • Fixed version string of the executable (it prevented Grunch from detecting ACE version).
  • Fixes in snapshots handling.
  • Fixes in tape to hard disc interface.
  • Automatic reconfiguration of the floppy disc drives depending on the inserted disc image.
  • Fixed a bug in ASIC SSCR mask.
Aug 142016

The DD Studio released a new platformer for the Amstrad CPC called “Heroes Rescue”. In the game you play Fry from Futurama, who has to rescue other cartoon heroes from The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Marvel. Of course it is not that simple, because a lot of enemies from the same cartoon series will try to prevent your way to the top of the level. On your way to rescue the other heroes, you can collect diamonds to increase your highscore.
The game itself was developed with AGD (Arcade Game Designer) and features very nice graphics and a good playability. Unfortunately there is no ingame music and only some sound effects. Anyway, test it yourself on the real machine or in an emulator. You can download it from the DD Studios homepage or at the end of this news.

Heroes Rescue - title screen Heroes Rescue - title screen Heroes Rescue - ingame Simpsons Heroes Rescue - ingame Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes Rescue - ingame Spiderman

Heroes Rescue
Heroes Rescue
Version: 1.0
117.7 KiB
Aug 092016

James Ford is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to finance a new quarterly Amstrad CPC fanzine called “Colour Personal Computing”. The fanzine itself will be in A5 style in black and white – just like the old fanzines of the 90s 🙂 and the best above all, the first issue is almost finished and can be shipped in September. Its main focus is on games, but there will be also articles about hardware, demos and applications, of course. To get the 1st issue, you just have to “back” it with 3 GBP / ~3.50 EUR.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, you can expect the following for the first issue:

  • Reviews of the latest CPC games including Jewel Warehouse, CoolBox and Let’s Go!
  • A feature on the upcoming game, Doomsday Lost Echoes, including an interview with its creator.
  • A special feature on the latest CPC hardware expansions.
  • A beginners guide to Floppy Disk emulators.
  • The first part of a new drama serial, “The (Alex) Van Damm Chronicles” and lots of other silliness.
  • Lots, lots more (it’s fantastic that we’re in a position where there’s so much to write about the CPC!).

The deadline for this campaign is 21st August 2016, 20:19 CEST, so be sure to support the campaign on Kickstarter.

Colour Personal Computing - The Amstrad CPC Fanzine

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