Feb 042015

2013_charts_results_thumb.pngThe voting phase is over and 38 people voted for their favourite demos and productions in various categories. I guess that we have a big winner this year: the Breaking Baud demo by Doz / CRTC/ 3LN. Head over to Push’n’Pop and see the result by yourself and don’t forget to have a look at the demos and productions on real hardware again :-).

Feb 012015

Did you know that Odiesofts Megablasters has its 20th anniversary this year? No? Well, at least this is a good reason to celebrate it and why not celebrating its anniversary with a sequel. Project Argon, consisting of Axelay (coding), Rexbeng (graphics), McKlain and Tom&Jerry (sound & music) did it and just released their great sequel to Megablasters. Don’t hesitate and download it from below or from the CPCWiki forums.

MB20_title MB20_ingame

Megablasters: Escape from Castle in the Clouds
104.2 KiB
Jan 292015

“Write a game in 10 lines of BASIC” is the slogan of the fourth BASIC tenliners development contest. In 2011 and 2013 the contest was an internal competiton of the retro computer meeting NOMAM in Lübeck / Germany, but a lot of contributions came from all around the world in 2014 and only one was produced live on the meeting. So if you are able to develop a BASIC program for one of the following systems, you can send in your contribution (other BASIC dialects are approved if you show your program on the original hardware live on the NOMAM meeting at 11.04.2015):


  • Atari 8-Bit
  • Commodore 64
  • Commodore 128
  • Amstrad CPC

Authorized BASIC dialects:

  • Atari BASIC (A8)
  • Turbo BASIC XL (A8)
  • Altirra BASIC (A8)
  • Commodore BASIC V2 (C64)
  • Simon’s BASIC (C64)
  • Commodore BASIC 7.0 (C128)
  • Locomotive BASIC 1.0 (Amstrad CPC)
  • Locomotive BASIC 1.1 (Amstrad CPC)

You will find more information about the BASIC tenliners contest in the CPCWiki forums.

Jan 282015

The Batman Group, best known for their great demo Batman Forever, just released a small intro, which contains a scoller and music. You can download and vote for it on Pouet.net.

Jan 042015

Like last year, Push’n’Pop creates charts of the best releases for our beloved Amstrad CPC in 2014. And – like last year – you can again participate and vote for your favourite production in the categories demo, intro, game, technical achievement, graphics and soundtrack. The votes are open till the 31st January 2015, so don’t hesitate and fill out the form at Push’n’Pop (you need to be logged in).