Jan 222009

Mochilote released a new version of the great CPCDiskXP utility. With CPCDiskXP you can transfer disk images to real floppy disks and vice versa on the Windows OSs. You can download it from the CPCMania website .

This is the ChangeLog for version 2.0:

  • New DSK EDITOR – Yet another dsk editor (like the winape one or managedsk), you can drag/drop files, read/write to floppy, edit directly the contents of the sectors… It has a ‘new dsk’ dialog that lets you create any dsk scheme, with any size sectors and order, you can easily generate for example a disk with the first 10 tracks in amsdos (9 sectors of 512) and then the rest tracks of 8k sectors, you can edit/fill the sectors directly with copy/paste from/to an editor…
  • GENERAL – On any part of the program, when you open a zip file, DSK selection now don’t show dialog if only one dsk is in the zip.
  • GENERAL – Require Administrator privileges in Windows Vista, to avoid UAC problems.
  • FLOPPY to DSK – Increased the track limit from 82 to 256 tracks. Someone ask for it, use at your own risk.
  • DSK to Floppy – Added support for the protection of the games Marauder (UK) (1988) [Original].dsk and Les Geants de L’Arcade Disque 2B (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) [original].dsk, maibe some others that have the same protection.
  • DSK to Floppy – DSK now is always loaded on memory, no more DSKs on temp directory 🙂
  • DSK to Floppy – Added support for the protection of the game Sol Negro.
  • GENERAL – Added PNG support and new buttons. Also fix problems with buttons position in Windows Vista and other windows custom styles.
  • FLOPPY to DSK – Added “Double Step” option, for read 40 track discs on 80 track drives. Someone ask for it since years.
  • GENERAL – Added new configuration dialog. Now its posible to associate Dsk files with program in windows, and open directly from windows file explorer in DSK Editor or DSK to Floppy.
  • Sectors Graph now shows up to 8k (before only 6k), so it can handle better some protected disks.
  • DSK to Floppy – Added support for the protection of the game Prehistorik II by Titus, good news to the cpc plus owners
  • DSK to Floppy – Added support for the protection of the game 007 – Licence To Kill.
  • FLOPPY to DSK – Solve a problem with 2 sides dumps. In earlier versions the side B became useless and amsdos can’t cat/load in side B.
CPCDiskXP v2.0
CPCDiskXP v2.0
CPCDiskXP v2.0.zip
Version: 2.0
758.1 KiB

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