Sep 152011

It is a bit too early to celebrate the 30th birthday of the CPC, but it isn’t too early to start a call for demomakers. The CPC demogroups Benediction and Vanity want to create a megademo which will be released in 2014 and they want YOU to participate. There is still plenty of time left, so don’t be lazy and register on Push’n’Pop for the competition!

Here is the original message from the Push’n’Pop website:

“To celebrate the 30th anniversary of our beloved CPC, Benediction and Vanity are proud to invite you to participate in the 30 years CPC megademo project! The aim is to build a new classic CPC megademo, with screens from any demogroup, and release it in 2014.

The megademo comity will be in charge of managing the project, coding the menu, linking and releasing the megademo with the utmost respect to the deadlines set. We will provide technical specifications or limitations as soon as possible (i.e., reserved memory, …) and support to ease the integration of the various demo-parts.


  1. The megademo must be developed in a friendly, funny scene atmosphere, by sceners that really want to promote the CPC.
  2. Your demos might not have to use state of the art demo effects, but crap-parts won’t be accepted (i.e. bad screen frequency, no novelty at all, boring, …).
  3. Demos written in Locomotive BASIC won’t be accepted.
  4. This is an Amstrad CPC megademo. Amstrad Plus-only demos won’t be accepted.
  5. Only one demo per group.
  6. Your demo must run perfectly on CRTC types 0 and 1, and also support type 2 as best as possible. Exception to this rule could be made for demos showing mindblowing CRTC-specific pr0n effects, but we would prefer not having such demos.
  7. The recommended format is the uber-classic-one-screen demo-part, but this is not mandatory.
  8. Demos that do not respect the rules and/or specifications won’t be accepted.
  9. Public previews are forbidden, except on the initiative of the comity during CPC meetings only (in order to improve quality of the megademo).


SATURDAY MARCH 31, 2012: Registration end.
SUNDAY JUNE 30, 2013: Final version of your part sent to the comity.”

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