Oct 022019

Finally it is here: the long awaited Pinball Dreams pinball simulator by the Batman Group, well known for their Batman Forever demo, that proves that the Amstrad CPC is indeed an awesome and underestimated machine. It was years in the making and finally shows an awesome homage to the Amiga version of the game. Of course, it features all the pinball tables of the original version, but have a look by yourself:

You can download the game directly from the Batman Group website (direct link to the game).

Update 2019/10/06: Amstrad Maniaque uploaded a longplay of Pinball Dreams.

Nov 142016

The Batman Group, well known for their great Batman Forever demo for the Amstrad CPC, is currently working on a port of the Digital Illusions (today DICE, known for the Battlefield series) game Pinball Dreams. Pinball Dreams is a pinball simulator, which was released for the Commodore Amiga, Commodore C64, Nintendo Game Boy, DOS and much more systems – excluding the Amstrad CPC. Some days ago, they released a playable preview version of the game and while it is not complete yet and you can only play one table but it shows its potential with awesome scrolling, perfect usage of the Amstrad CPCs colour palette and great graphics. Be sure to download the preview and play it on a real Amstrad CPC with monitor, if possible!!! The game needs 128kb RAM, so be sure to run it with a RAM expansion on a 464 or 664.
You can download the preview from Pouet (don’t forget to vote) and at the end of this news.

Pinball Dreams Preview
Pinball Dreams Preview


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