Nov 042007

CNGSoft released a new version of his CPC emulator for DOS, DPMI and Windows called CPCE. This emulator is written in 100% assembly. You can download the newest version from the CPCE homepage.

Here are the changes:

  • serious bugfix in Symbiface II emulation
  • disable option for tape speedup
  • improvement for ZIP handling in the Windows version
Mar 122007


CNGSoft released a new version of his CPC emulator CPCE during the MadriSX2007 retro computing event. Here are the new features:

  • Symbiface 2 emulation (PS/2 mouse, realtime clock, two virtual hard disc drives and static RAM that can be mapped as ROM)
  • support for ERE disc protection
  • expands the ROM space (528 K instead of 272 K)
  • fixes a tiny mistake in the AVI recording
  • small bugfixes

You can download the latest version on the CPCE homepage.

Dec 292006
CPCE A new version of CPCE, a CPC emulator for DOS, DPMI and Win32, was released. It’s major improvement is the support of 6kb sectors. Games which are using this for copyprotection work now (e.g. Double Dragon or Addams Family). Some other small bugfixes were made to.
You can download the new version from the official CPCE homepage.

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