Jan 102007


Flynn released a new version of his CPC emulator for Windows. Here are the features of WinCPC:

  • Z80 with all undocumented OP codes
  • µPD765-A FDC support for two drive assemblies (floppydisc controller)
  • floppy drive noises
  • RAM banking up to 576kb/expansion of ROM
  • HD6845 CRT controller (type 0)
  • AY-3-8912 PSG sound chip
  • DSK and EDSK diskette images
  • CDT and TZX tape/cassette image
  • CDT to WAV converter
  • Joystick support
  • integrated debugger and periphery inspector
  • integrated Zilog Z80 assembler
  • integrated Intel 8080 assembler
  • SYMBiFACE II emulation
  • printer support into printer file
  • digiblaster support (enables to hear sound via printer port)
  • sound recorder
  • color, green or grey tone monitor with brightness and contrast adjustment
  • VDU emulation
  • GUI in english, french and german
  • 2-layer keyboard mapping
  • windowed or fullscreen mode
  • drag’n’drop of DSK/CDT and ZIP files

You can download the new version on the WinCPC homepage.

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