Jan 212010

Flynn released a port of his Amstrad CPC emulator called WinCPC for the MacOS-X operating system. It is currently in alpha stage, but the following features are already implemented:

  • FDC emulation is complete. In MacCPC, stepping rate is considered as well.
  • PSG/sound rendering is complete.
  • CRTC/VDU emulation is complete. If desired, PAL emulation can be switched on.
  • Tape emulation is complete.
  • DSK and ZIP support.
  • CDT and ZIP support.
  • SNA and ZIP support.
  • Integrated debugger a la WinCPC.

You can download MacCPC directly from Flynn’s homepage or at the end of this posting.

[UPDATE: Flynn updated the emulator to version 0.9.2. This version resolves some problems with screen output in MacOX 10.6]


Version: v0.9.2 alpha
723.5 KiB
Jan 102007


Flynn released a new version of his CPC emulator for Windows. Here are the features of WinCPC:

  • Z80 with all undocumented OP codes
  • µPD765-A FDC support for two drive assemblies (floppydisc controller)
  • floppy drive noises
  • RAM banking up to 576kb/expansion of ROM
  • HD6845 CRT controller (type 0)
  • AY-3-8912 PSG sound chip
  • DSK and EDSK diskette images
  • CDT and TZX tape/cassette image
  • CDT to WAV converter
  • Joystick support
  • integrated debugger and periphery inspector
  • integrated Zilog Z80 assembler
  • integrated Intel 8080 assembler
  • SYMBiFACE II emulation
  • printer support into printer file
  • digiblaster support (enables to hear sound via printer port)
  • sound recorder
  • color, green or grey tone monitor with brightness and contrast adjustment
  • VDU emulation
  • GUI in english, french and german
  • 2-layer keyboard mapping
  • windowed or fullscreen mode
  • drag’n’drop of DSK/CDT and ZIP files

You can download the new version on the WinCPC homepage.

Sep 172006
Maze preview Flynn (author of H.E.R.O. and WinCPC) is currently working on a labyrinth game for the CPC. At the moment it is possible to walk in the labyrinth, but there are no enemies and other objects yet.The game will use 128kb RAM, so you need at least a CPC6128 or a CPC with RAM expansion.
You can see some more screenshots in the german CPC forever forum.

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